What People Are Saying....

"We thought we would have to replace all the carpet in the house, so you can imagine how surprised and delighted we were to see how the carpet looked when CAMCO finished the job.  All the spots and traffic streaks were gone!  We would highly recommend CAMCO to all our friends and family."

-The Tuckers

"When you have three kids and two dogs, you can’t expect things to stay stain free all the time.  However, you do want carpet sanitary and looking as good as it can—at least for a few years till the children are older. That’s why I count on CAMCO to take care of my floors.  Their quick attention and service give us back the clean, beautiful floors that we love.  Thanks, CAMCO!"

-Karen J.

"Between late hours and intense meetings every week, the office can get pretty messy. It wasn’t very pleasant to come back to work on Monday and find the same place you left on Friday… it sure wasn’t good for morale. That’s why we called CAMCO. Now, we start the week fresh and feeling good in a clean workplace. CAMCO is good for business."

-Business Solutions, Inc


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